When these young girls travel up to a mile, 2-3 trips a day, back and forth to a watering hole to get water, I wonder do they actually feel that they are appreciated or even loved as they make these long walks.

Teenage girls and young women deserve more in life than to damage their neck and spinal areas, carrying containers of water on their heads weighting 20-30 lbs and putting their selves in danger of rape and attack.

Until a few years ago I had no idea girls had to go through such suffering to get water.
I have girls in my family and I can’t even stand to think of them having to walk and get water.

Now that we know, the question is what can each one of us do?
Well this is how we can show some love to these young women and girls.
We can make it possible for them to be able to one day, turn on a faucet and get a drink of clean water and wash their face so they can go to school and get an education instead of walking back and forth to fetch a pail of unclean and unsanitary water that is killing 1 out of 5 babies before they turn 5 years old.
And these girls that carry water, deserve more in life than to wear out their body’s carrying heavy loads and at the same time putting their selves in danger.

Give your donation today to, which will not only save lives it will show some real love to each young girl, where we can install a well.
It takes a healthy world to save an unhealthy world.