"Water Saves Lives Today" is a non-profit organization initiated by Bishop Robert H. Stallings, Sr

Bishop Robert Stallings, Sr. started this mission along with his wife, Myrtle Stallings, in 2010 when  they had the idea to build and finance the building of dormitories in Empangen Africa.

In September of 2017 they made a decision and placed Philip Person, Sr. as director over this work of providing life saving water resources in Africa and other countries throughout the Middle Eastern parts of the world.

Philip Person, Sr.'s passion is to help and assist those in need and has made donations to many organizations, such as Save a Child, St. Jude, Heat up St. Louis, Feed a Child, Water.org, as well as The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (an organization that provides tablets that cleans unsanitary water).

As director Philip Person, Sr. began to carry out the vision of Bishop Robert Stallings., Sr. "Water Saves Lives Today's" first agenda is to raise money in order to build wells in Africa.

The dream is to install wells and septic tanks in remote areas where they do not exist which is why we need your help. 

Our initial goal is to build 20 wells, in water deprived areas of the world, by June 2020. 

We plan to acquire these funds by collecting donations and participating in fundraising events.